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Now you can replace your smartphones normal homescreen with latest Android app Z Launcher APK. It is the original creation by Nokia for Android Phones/devices. The version is created by the team Nokia’s Hardware department/division. Such division have been owned by Microsoft.

Z Launcher APK is released for public use to bring to new features. More over it is a pre-release version, so it can be used with some care but the feedback should be come for its features and enhancements.

Team Nokia is working on it to make the version more user friendly. For the public usage Nokia Z Launcher APK is available for download via Google Play Store as well as directly from Zlauncher.com.

How To Download Nokia’s Z Launcher APK

Now you can find any app on your homescreen just in second with Z Launcher application. If you have Android Phone, Table or any other device running Android, then you can enjoy the best features of Z Launcher for Android.

You can directly download via Link here